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The MiTS SAMPLE is the soul of the festival.

This year, in addition to the pieces screened for the competition, we have had the live presentation of the dance work "RAVE" | in process | by Cecilia Colacrai & Miquel Vich Vila.

We are also grateful to once again have Jorge Albuerne accompanying the gala.

After so many complications, with full capacity but limited by COVID, we have been able to meet in person, enjoying a night of dance, video and human warmth at the Barceloneta Civic Center


DANCE WORK IN PROCESS 'RAVE'  | Cecila Colacrai & Miquel Vich Vila

R.A.V.E. (Revolutionary Agroupation for Voluntary Extermination)


Cecilia Colacrai presented us her solo R.A.V.E., with music by Miquel Vich Vila. This piece is currently in the process of creation.

Starting from the idea of ​​finite, limit and end, an instantaneous composition device in the form of a solo is put into play.

The future, the idea of ​​the cycle, the return to the known, the recurrence, the relentless time, the idea of ​​permanence vs change, the indefinite, the predictable, the duration and the incessant transformation, are some of the triggers for the construction of this piece that, inevitably, when opening hypotheses about the future, also opens them about the beginning ...

... The absence of the future has already begun. That future that ended has arrived, once again, which suggests that it may never have ceased to begin ... (from the book Is there a world to come? By Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro)


MiTS 2020 jury award

This year's jury award went to INSIDE | OUTSIDE by Carolina Romillo Marin. We are very happy that the director could be present for the award ceremony: a residence for a new creation at the Barceloneta Civic Center and € 100 in cash.

Thank this year's jury:

MiTS online

In this edition, thanks to the consent of all the filmmakers, we put all the selected pieces online for 48 hours (Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December).

MiTS 2020 laurel - selección.png


La Taberna Studios         Peru      2018      08:52

A woman is born into a completely white and light world. Explore the world by dancing. Discover, enjoy, love, live.

But their dance is interrupted when she meets the reality of violence in which she is immersed.


col·lectiu free't.         Spain / Japan   2018     07:23

Series of video art pieces recorded in abandoned industrial spaces. The desire for the machine, the great absentee.


Carolina Romillo Marin        Cuba         2020       05:00      

"INSIDE / OUTSIDE" is an experimental dance video that deals with the anxiety and emotional ups and downs suffered by a dancer due to the imposed isolation: wanting to be outside, forced to go inside.

MiTS 2020 laurel - 1er Premio.png


 Jordi Cabestany         Catalonia       2019       03:47   

We need time, to love and be loved. The finiteness of our actions does not allow us to recover lost opportunities.H


Flakorojas           Venezuala          2020      04:14 

In the coexistence of man with machines, it seems that the human loses ground.


Matías Pentos   Chile    2019      5:28 

How do we live in a world where constant change puts us to the test? Human bonds have forged a landscape of stubborn adaptation. The video dance is performed by five dancers in the Mercado Puerto de Valparaíso, a place disabled after the earthquake of February 27, 2010 due to the serious structural damage suffered.


Fu Le     France       2019      10:42 

The merger of schools consists of concentrating isolated primary schools into centralized educational institutes. In 2019, 400 French schools are concerned about this reform. The Last Children is a choreographic film made in a single shot with the children of a school on the eve of its closure.


Carlos Carreño | Mayte Ballesteros   Spain    2019      4:12 

TrasMudar was born from a break with the established. It brings us closer to the wildness of the individual, to shedding the skin to move on, to the essence of the feminine; moving away from the stereotypes set by society and dissociating the spaces of the inner self from the outer self.

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