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MiTS Video-dance Festival

MiTS (Movement & Social Transformation) is a Social Video-dance Festival which explores the interrelation between video and dance as a tool to bring about powerful discussions and visibility to all kinds of diversity: diverse identities, diverse bodies and territories to discover. 

MiTS proposes a space of exhibition, creation and debate, which, in keeping with the aesthetic-artistic enjoyment through cinema and dance, and invites us to question ourselves as a society in an active and participatory way.

We are a creator collective from the visual arts, music and artistic production fields that, since 2006, work steadily developing creative action, social dynamization and artistic production with people stripped of their freedom and in socially disfavoured environments. After producing various Video Dance Laboratories (LAVDA) in prisons around Catalonia, we decided to co-create together with the Barceloneta Civic Centre (Centre Cívic Barceloneta) the MiTS Festival (Movement & Social Transformation) to divulge and promote dance / video projects addressing (revolving around) social issues.


MiTS is a project going through constant transformation, which is born in the Finmatun Cultural Association but which involves a heterogenous group of people.

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