Previous editions

The MiTS Festival is born in 2013 as a result of an invitation by the Barceloneta Civic Centre to present the productions made within the framework of the LAVDA project (Video Dance Laboratory).

LAVDA was a project conceived by the Finmatun Cultural Association and “La Caldera” where, for the first time, video-dance laboratories took place inside the Wad-Ras and Can Brians prisons. The artistic productions created in the laboratories were exhibited in “La Caldera”, Caixa Fòrum and the prisons themselves.


Finmatun Cultural Association found in this new language the possibility to artistically dig into the problems and needs of the jailed people. It also discovered its double potential, on one side, working on fears and anxiety through the body and movement, and on the other being able to show that to a wide public thanks to its audio-visual platform.

After this initial invite, the idea arose to generate an exhibition space for video-dance pieces linked to social issues.

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