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Call 2020

This call is addressed to those video-dance pieces which through video and the body in motion interrogate us as individuals and as a society. We will value both the artistic content, aesthetic and technical, as well as the theme and social compromise of the pieces. Pieces that simply record a dance performance will be left out of call.


1. Edition 2020

In the 2020 edition of MiTS we want to support up and coming local artists, as well as pieces made by people with diverse identities and bodies.

2. The contest

  • The contest will be open to all people, regardless of their gender, age or nationality.

  • It will accept productions made during 2018, 2019 and 2020.

  • The pieces cannot be over 8 minutes long.

  • Video-dance pieces that include members of the Festival’s organising team will not be allowed in the contest.

3. Sending of pieces

  • The pieces will be received from September 15th until October 31th of 2020.

  • They have to be sent via email to

  • Subject of the email: Concurs MiTS 2020 - TITLE Piece/Project

  • The body of the email must include the following information:

Name of the piece or project

Piece web link (vimeo/*youtube)

Brief synopsis of the piece or project



Name of the director and/or choreographer

Year of realization


Selection of the pieces

  • The piece selection process will take place between el October 31th and November 15th.The results will be published on the website and those selected will be notified via email.

  • The selected pieces will have to be sent in HD format for its projection in the contest.


Residence in the Barceloneta Civic Centre for the direction of a new video-dance project.

The pieces sent to the festival will become a part of the Festival’s video library and may be displayed for cultural and educational purposes (but in no case for commercial purposes).

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