The second edition of the MiTS Festival was held in July 2014 in the Barceloneta neighborhood. We have a very varied program of events, video dance passes and workshops.



The objective of this meeting was to investigate the relationship between the body, movement and the image.


We use different tools from video and dance to find a common language. Allowing us to try, play, err, imagine, repeat, retest, in order to experience and share a process of search and investigation in the field of video dance.

PERFORMANCE CALLE Plaza Center Cívic Barceloneta | Barceloneta

Show where dance, video and music are interrelated in a live performance to question about our confinement.


SIMUN is a desert, scorching and dry wind that shakes the hidden state of a landscape that is transforming and deforming. Simún evokes an extreme situation of saturation, repetitive and redundant, to generate the possibility of continuing to survive locked in the same body.


Where there is nothing, find everything. The SIMUN dance piece is intervened live with video projections. It is textured, expanded, repeated, transformed.

The First Prize of the MiTS'14 Social Video Dance Contest went to:

ENTRE FINOS | Nadine Holguín Urrego | 10 min | Colombia | 2014.

And the audience award went to:

VIDES PARAL·LELES | Jofre Pons/Manel Chico/Iván Blanco | 4.50 min | España | 2014.